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Welcome to our Arizona travel information site. Here you will find much information about wonderful Arizona and all the amazing things you can do while visiting this wonderful and gorgeous state. Arizona, also known as the Grand Canyon State is located in the American Southwest, it is a wonderful tourist location containing many national parks, monuments, famous destinations, great shopping and dining, and is considered to be an outdoor enthusiasts playground. So come and enjoy all that is Arizona!

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Arizonas Climate

Posted by AZlover

Most travelers are quite surprized to find that Arizonas climate is not just simply hot and dry. It is more or less quite varied. While in Central Arizona the weather is quite mild, Northern Arizona enjoys a cool winter day complete with a day of skiing and other winter activities. In the Summer Southern Arizona is hot and dry with sunbathers basking in the sun, while North Central Arizona enjoys crisp night air cool enough for a sweater at night. You'd even be surprised to know that several parts of Arizona have a monsoon season in late summer. Either way Arizona is a wild and wonderful place to visit!

What Kind Of Arizona Vacation are you looking for?

Posted by AZlover

Are you searching for a bustling city or silent tranquil mountains? Do you prefer a warn dersert climate or snowy peaks? In Arizona you can choose either and nowhere else will you find such a diverse place and so much to choose from. With five distinct regions, dozens of national and state parks and monuments ( including The Grand Canyon), hundreds of quaint towns and cities, Arizonas landscape and cities are just as diverse as they are beautiful. With something to offer everyone you will find an amazing destination to please all who travels. For the avid traveler if you ever find yourself in the Cleveland area call Akron Limo for limo service or party bus services in the area.

Arizona Tourism

Come to Arizona and find out how almost everyday is perfect for laying around a pool, playing golf, taking a hike, or sightseeing.
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Arizona Outdoor Recreation

Arizona is an outdoor recreation lovers dream. Getting outside in Arizona is easy! outdoor activites are everywhere in Arizona. Whether you are an adverturous thrill seeker or just want to take a pleasant stroll through the gorgeous landscape Arizona offers it all. In Northern Arizona there is some of the best hiking, biking, and sightseeing available in these beautiful lush pine forests. North Central Arizona is perfect for hiking, biking, camping and fishing. Phoenix and Central Arizona boasts great desert tours and hiking to view all the desert plants and animals. Tuscon and Southern Arizona offers great hiking trails, rock climbing, golfing, skiing, and more. And Arizonas West Coast with Lake Havasu and Lake Mead offers great boating and jet skiing. Get out there!